donderdag 17 februari 2011

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Ik houd mij bezig met het verbinden van mensen, informatie en ideeën. Dynamiek fascineert me. Net als persoonlijke ontwikkeling en groei.
We leven in interessante tijden, de netwerk- en informatiesamenleving biedt grote kansen en mogelijkheden voor de mensheid.
Dagelijks probeer ik die mogelijkheden te verkennen en die kennis te delen met anderen. Dat doe ik door veel bijzondere mensen te ontmoeten en die te verbinden aan elkaar, door presentaties te geven om mijn visie uit te dragen en door mee te denken bij allerlei vraagstukken.

His Summary:
I'm a 37 year old explorer of the network- and information age.

I'm interested in setting things in motion, to develop myself and others.

Most of my time I spend learning and thinking.

The rest of the time I engage with people and connect people.

After reading The Tipping Point, the book of Malcolm Gladwell on social epidemics, I figured out that I am a maven, a connector as well as a salesman. If you want to spread ideas an knowledge like I do, you need people with these roles.

I live from donations since 6 years now, after I figured out, that it could be a path that would be much richer dan the path of being a consultant that can be hired.Richer in the sense of value to me and others, value in a much broader meaning than just money. We live in the age of acces now, and access will be more important than possesion in the next decades, I think.

I love to give lectures and do that over 80 times a year, speaking about the new economy, valuecreation, marketing 2.0, complementairy economics, networking, lifehacking, and about my ideas to make te world a better place, with my insights in social and information capital.

Creative thinking, recognizing underlying patterns, organising, guerilla marketing, network-thinking, bootstrapping, publicity, personal branding, web2.0, transformational thinking, paradigm-shifting

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